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The Friedensburg-Oberschule (FOS) is an integrated secondary school with upper secondary school and the "State European School Berlin" (SESB) for the language combination German-Spanish.

It is attended by approximately 1200 pupils and teaches weekly 2200 lessons, which makes it to one of the ten largest general education schools of Berlin. 


A special feature of the FOS is the heterogeneity 

of the student body in terms of performance,

social as well as linguistic-cultural origin.


In each class of the lower secondary education, an 

average of up to 4 of 25 children have certified

special educational needs. 


However, there are just as many

gifted students who achieve a grade point average of 1.3 

and better each year in the A-levels. 

Approximately 35% of the students of one year 

receive a high school recommendation from 

the giving elementary school. 

About one third of

the students come from socially disadvantaged families.


However, there are also children from academic 

or diplomatic families as well as families of medium-sized entrepreneurs.

Our students’ families come from about 70 countries. 68% of the students come from families of non-German native language. The language groups of Turkish, Arabic are Slavic are roughly equally represented (each about 8-10%). Around 20% of our students speak Spanisch as a native language.